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Affiliateyard program promotes ForexYard broker. About a year ago the program underwent some changes and adobted less user-friendly affiliate backoffice. The website doesn't seem to provide neccessary tracking tools and there are no advertising materials available. Everything you need can be obtained from the affiliate manager, however it is extremely uncomfortable not to have the at least the banners available.


The larger problem is the tracking reports that seem to lack transparency.

As an affiliate you will have an access to up to $300 CPA for every Pro Account, good affiliate support, tracking tools (in my opinion, very questionable) without real-time statistics and dedicated account manager to help you with any kind of questions, requests and suggestions. Available commission plans include:

1.CPA - Structure is based on a one-time payment in which the affiliate is paid for each depositing customer. The amount of CPA varies from $100 to $300, depending on the account each depositing customer creates.

2.Revenue Share – Contact your affiliate manager for more details. The payment is processed in the beginning of each month.

In order to receive the payment, a request must be sent to your affiliate manager at the end of each month. Make sure that your bank details listed on the site is up-to-date. The commission balance must be at least $400, even for moneybookers withdrawals. Currently wire transfer (directly to your bank account) and moneybookers payment options are available.


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