Getting Started with Affiliate Marketing

Whether you are a beginner, who seeks a profitable niche, or an experienced affiliate, let’s say in online casino industry, who wishes to add forex to the marketing strategy, you will find forex marketing vastly eye-catching. Let’s go over some of the main features of this new, profitable prospect.


Who is Forex Trader?


An average forex trader is male aged between 25 to 45 seeking money-making opportunities and daily adrenalin-pumping excitement. Although younger audience is equally trilled to try out the currency market, most brokers require the participants to be at least 21.


Can a gambling lover turn to trading? While a bingo player or a roulette spinner most probably won’t be a great candidate for forex, a successful poker player, on the other hand, can become a very successful forex trader. The reason lies in the nature of trading and the characteristics needed to take the market by the horns. For example:



1.  Decision making skills

Forex is all about making decisions. When to enter the market? When to close the tra



2.  Discipline

Without discipline and self-control you lose both in poker game and in forex trading. Greed and fear are the main factors to make you lose your head.


3.  Ability to adopt to unexpected situations

You need to have a plan while trading; however you always need to be open for unexpected turns and twists. When things go as planned – great! Enjoy the easy ride. But when things turn against you, know your way out without losing all your money in a second.


4.  Ability not to cry over the spilled milk

Loss is simply the way to learn and practice. Like in poker, where a player doesn’t necessary win every hand, trader can also endure losses. In both cases being a professional means to pick yourself up and look at the big picture – what are your profits at the end of the month? If you made $10,000 by the end of the week, does it really matter that you have lost $500 on the way? No, not at all!


It is all about focusing on the long term. Neither poker player nor forex trader can get rich in one day. Small, steady profits add up more chips and pips at the end of the month!


5.  Understanding of money management

Poker players know how much they can afford to gamble, and so should a trader. Successful trader should never trade the money he cannot lose. Both parties understand that it is possible to lose all their money and do not take risks or go overboard. Both parties know where to bail out. 


Unique Content is the Key


Just like with any other affiliate niche, the website content is the key. You can:


1.  Review the brokers

2.  Write a blog with trading tips

3.  Compose educational articles

4.  Post daily technical & fundamental analysis

5.  Post latest news and press release


Most importantly, use simple words for your visitors to understand what forex is all about.


Keywords and Monthly Searches


Below is some statistical data, retrieved from google keyword tool, regarding the popularity of forex industry:


“forex” receives 5,000,000 global monthly searches

“foreign exchange” receives 823,000 global monthly searches

“forex trader” receives 550,000 global monthly searches

“forex trades” receives 550,000 global monthly searches

“forex trading” receives 550,000 global monthly searches

“broker forex” receives 135,000 global monthly searches


Today forex affiliate market is where the gambling affiliate marketing was 6 years ago. It is growing and expending with intense pace. While forex marketing blossoms, affiliates who are smart enough to enter forex industry now will make millions in the upcoming years.


How Much Can You Make Per Month?


All depends on how dedicated you are! If you aren’t taking your affiliate business seriously, no matter what niche you pick up, you will not see money in it.


A successful online campaign has an average conversion rate of 8-10%, and can even go higher with the right marketing technique.


As for commissions, while an average trader brings about $800 per month, it is common to land on a professional trader with worth up to $100,000. In general, let’s say the affiliate program made $50,000 from your referrals this month and you have agreed to 30% revenue share. You have earned $15,000 and that’s just the beginning.

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