Introducing Broker (IB) vs White Label

white label vs introducing broker

An Introducing broker is a simple form of business partnership between a company, an individual and primary broker. The main role of an Introducing broker is to search for and find clients for a primary broker and take a commission for the services rendered. The referrals process through which the Introducing broker undertakes and gives a primary broker new clients is done in many ways, but it is not a simple job. A successful Introducing broker business will have to built on a strong foundation of a large network of contacts all of who can trust the IB in addition to a good command and pull on the trading floor.

Conversion Rate Optimization Guide for True Affiliates

conversion rate optimization If you are ready to make changes and increase your monthly revenue, it’s time to get serious about conversion rate optimization. What is conversion rate and how do you optimize it?

Summer – Slowest Season for Affiliate Marketing

summer seasonSummer seems to be the hardest time of the year to be running a forex affiliate marketing business. According to many website owners summer months are tough not only for foreign currency exchange field, but for all niches.

Add Humor to Your Articles Tips

humor to articlesWho can turn down a good laugh?! The use of humor in articles, advertising and online marketing for forex affiliates is not a new concept, however many websites choose to avoid it in fear of creating the wrong impression, unintentionally insulting some of your readers or simply saying something that overall is not that funny after all. Let’s go over some of the advantages and disadvantages of adding comedy into your articles.

7 Tips to Optimize Website Yourself

tips seo


Not all of us can afford SEO services right from the beginning of the affiliate career. From the moment your website is born, you enter the world of social media and Google frequent algorithm updates. Struggling to achieve good ranking among search engines, some of us hire search engine professionals while others try themselves. What unite us all are the basics of website optimization techniques, which include the following foundation:

5 Most Important Factors About Website Statistics

website trafficAnalyzing your website performance is one of the ways to increase the conversion rate and improve your monthly income. Details about your visitors' gender, age, nationality and interests give you with enormous power to manipulate the content to meet the visitors' needs.

Stop Rotten Affiliate Programs from Stealing Your Commissions!

First and foremost, you have to accept that shaving (aka finding a reason not to pay the affiliate and manipulate tracking statistics) is a widespread issue of internet industry. It happens to all of us and it is, unfortunately, unavoidable.

Instead of focusing on "hunting down the bad guys" 24/7, you have to realize that the only way you ever find out that the program steals a certain percentage of your traffic is when a program or its representative admits it (which never happens, unless the representative in question has been fired and is really pissed off!)

Are You Successful in Forex Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing has grown into highly developed industry with great profit possibilities. In order to succeed as a forex affiliate, the first thing that a new affiliate needs to realize that making money online takes time and effort.

Depending on your expectations and the amount of determination invested, accomplishments in this line of business are entirely in your hands.

Before you see any income flow, you have to understand how affiliate marketing functions. I have listed some of the advices and encouragement for beginners below:

5 Negotiation Tips for Higher Commissions

Negotiation is an important part of the daily life, especially when it comes to business. When it comes to commission deals every affiliate should try to benefit from better earning conditions.

In order to successfully negotiate the affiliate commissions you deserve, we have listed several ways to approach it and couple of things to consider:

Content Writing Strategy and Tips


Even if you do not write the content of your website, it is important to have some grasp of writing under your belt. Writing is a way to communicate with your visitors and it provides the necessary control over the unique tone your website inherits.

Feeling insecure about the writing skills is absolutely normal. The truth is that everyone can write. Not in a Shakespeare-kind-of-way, but anyone can unwrap opinions and ideas into words. You just have to believe in yourself, talk your thoughts out loud and write.


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