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FBS Partners

fbs partnership programFBS Partnership Program - "Financial Freedom Success" - may seem very attractive at the first glance with well-designed website and efficient marketing tools. However digging a bit deeper into the terms and conditions of the program you may find the inappropriate requirements you have to fulfill as an affiliate.


Lack of important statistics

After careful investigation of the affiliate back office, it came to my attention that the tracking statistics are very poor. There are no impressions, clicks and even demo account opened through your referrals.

I have contacted the affiliate support and after a short while an email response came through:

Dear Yana, chat was not helpful because I told you I need to check this information with another department. And the answer on your question is no. No, we can't provide you with this kind of statistics, some information you can see in your IB area in Personal area.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any additional questions.


Elena Burdenko

FBS Support

What does this mean to you? Basically, there is no way to see whether your clicks are converting and whether the affiliate program is manipulating the stats to fit its needs.

The only information you are presented with is the number of active traders, their deposits, traded volume and commissions.

No new traders – your referrals are ERASED!

The lack of stats is actually not the worst news with this partnership program. Much more devastating terms that you agree upon registration are that if you do not bring any new active traders within 3 months period (for whatever reason that is), all of your previous hard work is erased!

Honestly, I have never seen such a dumb rule in my whole rather long online marketing career. There was always another variation of this term (in casino industry), where you do not get paid if there are no new customers referred each month. But the FBS terms are completely different breed of outrageous conditions!

So, basically, let’s say you had an awesome year with lots of commissions and referrals, followed by an unfortunate downfall where you do not bring any new traders to this broker, you can forget about the “live commissions” with FBS Partners. Whatever you brought to them no longer considered yours if you do not bring at least 1 trader per month!


Still think that this program is worth your time? Below are the "advantages" the program advertises on its website.  Just don’t be too disappointed when they lend a nasty bomb on ya!


FBS provides great trading conditions and popular MetaTrader 4 trading platform. Traders enjoy daily market analysis, manual and automatic trading experience and the use of any kind of expert advisors.

3 Types of Affiliation

There are 3 types of possible affiliation with FBS:

Standard partnership program

This type of partnership is available to all with high commission structures upon every closed trading order of your referred trader.

VIP partnership program

Affiliates with high volume traffic and large deposits allow you to earn higher income with VIP treatment.

Official representative office

It is also possible to open a representative office in your country in order to attract traders and become an official representative of the broker. FBS delivers financial funding to its partners when they open a representative office.

Commission Structures

FBS Partners offer up to 30% of spread commission on every placed trade. Commissions are visible in your account as soon as the trade is made and there are no withdrawal restrictions.

Account type

Standard partnership program

VIP partnership program


1 pip

1 pip








Tracking and Stats

As an affiliate, you receive a unique referral link to FBS broker website. Links and large variety of banners of all formats and sizes are available at your disposal.

The system tracks the potential traders and using the browser cookies technology is able to identify your referral even if he/she leaves the broker website and comes back again hours, days or even months later.

Once a lead registers an account, you will be able to see this in your "IB Area" of the affiliate account.

The statistical activity is available for monitoring in IB Area.


In order to register with the affiliate program, you have to fill in the form and verify the account with scanned copy of ID and address proof. Once verified, you will be able to enter the affiliate account and use the referral link to attract traders.

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