FXPN Expands to Include Binary Options

March 5, 2012 – FXPN today announced that it has added the first Binary Options brand to its affiliate program, answering huge demand on behalf of both affiliates and companies to support binaries. Zone Options will now join FXPN’s fast-growing affiliate community to take advantage of the robust marketing solutions and timely payments it provides.

“Binary Options offer another path for affiliate marketers to reach new traders in FXPN’s growing network,” says Leverate’s VP Affiliate Business Yossi Roash. “Binary Options partners stand to benefit greatly from a relationship with us, since FXPN’s solution provides a high conversion rate. Binaries also offer an easy way for affiliates to transition from gaming to finance.”

FXPN furnishes affiliate marketers with marketing tools to help them recruit new Forex brokerage clients, and with its independent setup, connects brokers to the growing pool of Forex traders.

FXPN (FX Partners Network) was launched by the Leverate Group to answer the unique marketing needs of Forex brokerages. As an independent affiliate network that interfaces between premium Forex brokers and affiliate marketers, FXPN creates opportunities for professionals from all corners of the Forex industry to reach new traders through its cutting-edge materials and timely payment models.

Press Contact Remy Rosenbaum


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