New opportunities of InstaForex affiliate program

We would like to bring to your notice a monthly update on Instaforex affiliate program. Besides, let us remind you of the available services aimed to provide the highest efficiency of partners’ activities and steady receipts of affiliate commissions.


New design of promo materials

 instaforex material tshirts

InstaForex keeps expanding its branded products assortment depending on marketing needs of its partners. T-shirts with the company’s insignia are one of the most pleasing items of InstaForex branded products. Currently, there are T-shirts with the new design in InstaForex store. You can use such T-shirts for holding different promo campaigns and presentations.


Moreover, we suggest that you can take advantage of a worthy marketing tool to attract new clients, bright advertising flyers with the summary of company’s services; they are excellent handouts for conferences, appointments, and presentations. Thanks to InstaForex branded products, you will easily draw potential clients’ attention to the advantages of dealing with you.


More informers mean more attention


instaforex informerA new informer, Company news, has appeared on the official website and in your Partner Cabinet. The informer will enable you to attract even more new users to your website and also new referrals to your affiliate group.

A range of admin panel’s features allows you to change a color and informer’s size to fit perfectly on your webpage. Thanks to embedding the affiliate link in the informer’s code, your affiliate group will include the clients who opened their accounts with InstaForex within 6 months after they had followed the link to InstaForex website.


Start your partnership with charge-free affiliate website


All InstaForex partners regardless of a partnership type enjoy an opportunity to get a ready-made affiliate website with updatable contents about the company and its promo campaigns. A special admin panel facilitates greatly editing the website’s contents that will enable you to adjust them in line with your activity’s profile. It is so easy to start cooperating and making money with InstaForex. No-cost affiliate site is the first step to your success and financial independence.




A wide range of promotion banners with an embedded affiliate code is at your disposal in Partner Cabinet. You can choose a particular banner that corresponds to the subject and design of your website.

Banners by InstaForex will popularize each of the broker’s numerous advantages.

Thanks to posting banners on affiliate and other websites, a number of attracted referrals in your region grows steadily; hence, your reward rises accordingly.

Besides, in certain cases the company might consider designing tailor-made banners for partners.

Forex trading services make a great way to attract new referrals


Innovative services by InstaForex in your hands can turn out into powerful tools for referring new clients.

PAMM System


The PAMM system by InstaForex is a forward trend in a trust management on the financial market, an efficient instrument to attract new referrals, and also a possibility to raise money on one’s own.

The PAMM system includes PAMM partnership that enables you to take a part of managing traders’ profit for referred investments. Trading performance of referred PAMM traders also brings a PAMM partner a reward on the common terms.

Partners of Investment Project who manage investors’ shared capital can raise money as PAMM traders in the PAMM system. In this case, a PAMM trader gets both a profit from a successful investment according to his share in the project and a commission for managing investors’ funds. Apart from this, a partner can use the ForexCopy system as another beneficial tool to draw clients. The system suits the needs of those who do not have enough trading experience on the forex market. A partner gets a reward ranging from 1.5 to 5.3 pips from each accomplished trade.

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