eToro Partners Fixed the Affiliate Reports Bug

etoro partners commission bugAbout two weeks ago eToro Partners experienced reporting glitch at the affiliate back-office, where a large portion of “Current Balance” of the monthly commissions disappeared.

After a temporary turmoil and numerous affiliates complain via email, facebook and twitter, eToro rectified the issue and confirmed that all the commissions have been restored and the system is working fine now.

Due to frustration of most affiliates, eToro Partners took time to explain what exactly happened:

“During scheduled maintenance during the 3rd week of the month, many of you noticed commissions reflected a current balance of “$0.” This was a display issue for affiliates on revenue share plans and only affected the affiliate dashboard display.

Whilst we were working to repair this issue, we then discovered that commissions had been incorrectly displayed from the 8th of November. In many cases balances reflected either higher or lower commissions than that of reality.

We want to assure you, we've worked strictly in accordance with our regulation in order to reverse any discrepancies and reflect true and accurate balances. We encourage you to always check your reports and confirm the status of your campaigns.”

If you aren’t sure about the current status of your commissions, go to “Account info”, click on “Custom Reports”, choose the relevant dates and click on “create report”.


If you have any further questions get in touch with your affiliate manager to clear any misunderstanding. 

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