Updated Branding Guidelines from eToro Partners

etoro partners rolled out the new guidelines

eToro Partners rolled out a new Branding Guidelines and kindly asks the affiliates to go over and follow them.

An overall agenda of the new eToro branding guidelines is to make the message clear.  The document includes eToro story, the details of the brand and its values, definition and features of the trading platform and the social network.

Above all, eToro listed the examples of the messages it wants to be associated with and the messages it doesn’t want to have anything to do with. For example:



At eToro, the world’s leading social investment network, you can tap into the wisdom of the crowds to help you make smarter investment decisions.

Easy money

Build your people based portfolio to diversify your investments.

Income promises

See, follow and copy the best performing traders in the network.

Quitting of jobs or schools

Connect with over 3 million users from over 200 countries and join the social trading revolution.

Money back guarantee and other promises not approved by eToro prior the post.



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