WARNING FXPN Affiliate Network Shuts Down on 15 January 2014

fxpn shuts down

FXPN, one of the largest forex and binary affiliate network, dropped an unexpected bomb on the unsuspecting affiliates. The platform is closing down starting from tomorrow, January 15th, 2014. The network has been online since 2012, offering more than dozen forex and binary brands and recruited more than 600 affiliates worldwide.

The idea of the forex partners network has attracted many of us. Instead of working with each program separately, FXPN offered the blend of several broker brands and accumulation of commissions from all the brands you promote in one big basket. Convenient, yes, but look where it brought us now.

I think one of the red lights that made me rather cautious with this program was the fact that the FXPN’s list of available brokers didn’t expend for two years of its operation. Another suspicious thing was the fact that the network worked mostly with unregulated brokers with uncertain online reputation

DirectTrack Affiliate Software Technologies, FXPN’s trading platform, notified the network few weeks ago that they are shutting down starting from March 2014.

To conclude, FXPN ship is sinking fast and the affiliate back office login will no longer be available from 15 January 2014. If you are an affiliate with FXPN, make sure to check and screenshot the amount of commissions the program owes you as soon as possible and get in touch with the affiliate manager while they are still answering emails (which won’t last long – after 20th January is a big farewell).

FXPN representative “gracefully” offered for the cheated affiliates to work directly with the brokers. Of course, you can forget about the leads you have generated for them previously. Thanks for the tip, FXPN. We would have never figured it out ourselves.



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