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WARNING: FXPN, one of the largest forex and binary affiliate network, dropped an unexpected bomb on the unsuspecting affiliates. The platform is closing down starting from tomorrow, January 15th, 2014. Complete press release can be found here.


With the latest bloom in forex and binary options industry, new affiliate programs and networks rising to offer competitive commission structure, user-friendly affiliate interface, on time payments and top broker brands. One of such independent networks FXPN has joined the affiliate marketing industry providing unique features, great marketing tools and transparent tracking statistics.

Commission Plans

FXPN offers the following commission structures to maximize your earning potential:


CPA is a fixed amount agreed upon with the program and paid for each referred forex trader. Below is the detailed explanation how CPA works:

Let’s say that Broker X offers a payout of $500 CPA.

Trader 1 makes the following deposits:

Trader Deposits

Partner Payout

Total Partner Payout














Revenue Share

This structure includes a percentage from the net earnings of the broker brand. For example, if Broker X offers 45% revenue share, the following is true:

EUR/USD trading at 1.2200 / 1.2202

Buy 1,000,000 entered at 1.2202 and sold at 1.2204

Spread in pips: 0.0002

Spread in USD: 0.0002*1,000,000 = 200USD x 45% Revenue Share = $90 partner payout

The revenue share is a lifetime earnings and is calculated for every trade made by the referred traders.

Hybrid (combination of both CPA and Revenue Share)


Hybrid commission structure is the great solution for those who wish to have both CPA and lifetime revenue share from the referred traders. For example, the hybrid deal may be as following:

$250 CPA and 20% Revenue Share


$100 trader deposit = $100 partner payout

Another $300 = $150 partner payout (total $250)


Revenue Share 

EURUSD trading at 1.2200 / 1.2202

Buy 1,000,000 entered at 1.2202 and sold at 1.2204

Spread in pips: 0.0002

Spread in USD: 0.0002*1,000,000 = 200USD x 20% Revenue Share = $40 partner payout

Total Hybrid Partner Payout: $250 + $40 = $290


The following broker brands and earning structures are available:


The broker offers $500 CPA, 35% revenue share or hybrid options of $250+20%.


The brand offers $500 CPA or 30% Revenue Share.


This broker at the moment only offers CPA deal of $300.


Wide variety of commission structures is available with this broker including $300 CPA, 25% revenue share or $150+25% hybrid deal.


The broker proposes whooping $600 CPA, 50% revenue share or $300 CPA + 25% revenue share hybrid offer.


Currently this brand offers only CPA, however it is a competitive and high deal of $500 per active trader.


Another broker with high commission structures of $600 CPA, 35% revenue share or hybrid deal of $300 + 20%.


A French broker with $550 CPA for each active trader.


High commissions with CeasarTrade stand at $500 CPA, 40% revenue share or $250+20% hybrid offer.

Marketing Tools

Take advantage of the selection of marketing tools available at your affiliate account including:

Flash and GIF banners

Mailers in HTML/Text format for email marketing

Text ads and links

Custom-made creative upon request

Wide collection of landing pages and mini sites for click-through advertising

Tracking links with personalized URLs for quick and efficient real time statistics

Interactive widgets with high conversion rates

Optimized banner rotators for better conversion and variety

Comprehensive and transparent statistical reports with transactions, registrations, deposits and trades updated every hour 24/7.

Payment Methods

The minimum payout is just $100. The commissions less than $100 are carried over to the next month’s payments. The affiliate payments go out on the 15th of each month.

The following payment methods are available: Wire Transfer, Neteller, Paypal, Skrill (Moneybookers), Payoneer.


New partners are given $100 Welcome bonus within 24 hours after registration approval. The bonus is available for withdrawal after a minimum of $100 of commissions have been earned from the referred traders.


Dedicated affiliate manager and technical support is available at your service via email and phone.

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