Worthless Content Marketing Strategies

content marketing mistakes

When you think Content Marketing, you picture a very strict and organized activity. After all, how hard can it possibly get? You have to write something eye-catching and then spread it around the social media without looking like a crazy person who spams every group on Facebook. Right?

Biggest Mistakes Affiliate Marketers Make

biggest mistakes in affiliate marketing

There is a strong believe that the success of your online marketing career depends largely on the performance metrics of your site. It is indeed correct, however focusing entirely on the statistics might turn into a nightmare. Below are some of the mistakes we all make:

Reality Check for New Affiliates

reality check for new affiliatesI must say that almost all new affiliates have to get a reality check. It is not just “creating a website” or “having a unique idea” that will make you money. It is a part of it, but it isn't enough to create a steady income. If you want to be a successful affiliate, there is no way you will be sitting back, relaxing and watching the money roll in on its own.

Alarming Facts About Online Advertising and Marketing 2014

facts of online advertising

As an online affiliate, you have to keep a very close look on which methods of advertising works and which seem to fade away with time. The last year has been a turmoil for affiliates in all fields and niches and it order to survive, you have to adopt to the new rules the internet throws your way.

Tired of being unsuccessful affiliate? Here are top tips to change your life

unsuccessful affiliate marketing

Follow strategies that work

In affiliate marketing, it is not necessary the “uniqueness” that will make you rich. And by unique, I mean going against things that proven to work. Yes, you do want to stand out in the crowd and all that jazz, but the bottom line is whether or not you earn money at the end of the month. Sometimes the smartest thing you can do to your online marketing is to follow the path of others.

Popular Affiliate Marketing Myths

affiliate marketing mythsAffiliate marketing is here to stay, no matter how hard the Google pack of Penguins, Pandas and Humming Birds are trying to ruin it! It is here to stay because of a very simple reason – a lot of people have turned into successful affiliates and they are not willing to quit. 

Your Banners Do Not Convert? Here is Why!

Have you ever really looked at the marketing materials your affiliate program offers? Does the banner you add to your forex site really bring out the message in order to convert? What are the features of an effective banner?

10 Easy Ways To Increase Your Landing Page Conversion Rates

forex landing page 3After 10 hours of excruciatingly hard work on what you consider to be the true masterpiece of all landing pages ever written, you proudly glare at the outcome which is perfect by all landing page standards. It is interesting, relevant and full of useful information.

7 Affiliate Marketing Tips You Must Know

7 affiliate tips you must knowAffiliate marketing is one of the fastest growing internet businesses and the perfect source for extra money. While many treat online marketing as simple, non-demanding, no-boss type of career, not everyone can turn their website into goldmine. Many experienced affiliates admit that the learning process never ends and forex industry is quite complicated to conquer.

What’s Next for Online Marketing?

future of online marketing 2013The internet evolves and expands bringing new changes and exciting trends along the way. Today every affiliate needs to think several steps forward not only in terms of search engine optimization, but also the online marketing itself. Where is the market heading in the nearest future?

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