Biggest Mistakes Affiliate Marketers Make

biggest mistakes in affiliate marketing

There is a strong believe that the success of your online marketing career depends largely on the performance metrics of your site. It is indeed correct, however focusing entirely on the statistics might turn into a nightmare. Below are some of the mistakes we all make:


Traffic is a King

Focusing only on the traffic and how many visitors enter your site per day causes you to ignore the actual conversion rate. At the end of the day, it is not the amount but rather the quality of those visitors that matter.


Feedback is Useless

At the times of Social Media era, feedback and any kind of communication, discussion and conversation with your customers is a must. Every affiliate that wishes to thrive and succeed needs to pay very close attention to the visitors’ thoughts, ideas and comments.

Feedback is not only good for analyzing the visitors on your site, but also a best source for new ideas, improvements and potentially new content for the site.

So the tip is simple, do not disconnect from your clients and listen to what they have to say. After all, the site is designed to serve those visitors and make them find the information they need in a fast and efficient manner.


It Works for Them, It Must Work for Me

This is definitely a wrong understanding of online marketing. Although you might witness other affiliates succeeding in their way, it doesn’t necessary mean that their way is bulletproofed.

All websites are unique and every affiliate marketer needs to apply his own way towards the success. There is no template to follow in hopes to get the same results and income. Your website needs to stand out to make a statement and bring out the curiosity in your readers.


Go with the Flow

Not having a plan is a serious downfall in affiliate marketing. You simply cannot go with the flow. Everything you do needs to follow a pre-written plan so you can analyze the results, improve and enhance your efforts to reach the top.

Online marketers who have ever become successful in the long term had a plan that embraces not only the next few days, but rather a big picture, a long-term goals and tryout methods.



As a beginner in affiliate marketing, it might seem necessary to push your offers far and beyond and explain with a lot of exclamation marks how wonderful they are.

Not a good idea at all! People do not like the pushy sales talk and bold letters screaming “CLICK HERE” or “START NOW”. When I see bold letters, I usually click back… Here are other annoying “overselling” techniques you must avoid:

A page with just couple of sentences and lots of offer links.

A page with enormous “GET BONUS NOW” button.

When people visit your forex-related website, they want to see unbiased review of the brokers and useful articles to help them trade. Put all of your energy in truthful, interesting and captivating reviews and articles. The content is still very much a king.

Think about it. When you want to register somewhere, buy something online or go on a vacation, you want to know from A to Z about the product, the place and the hotel you will be staying at. You want to know if I will be satisfied, but on the other hand you understand that there is no perfect products, flawless hotel rooms and places. So apart from hearing how wonderful things are, you do want to read some criticism and flaws you might encounter.

The bottom line is that you have to write the truth. Explain and review as if you recommend it to your best friend or to your own mom. Keep in mind that the salesman prep talk no longer works on people. It is all about the truth now. So be truthful and earn the respect you deserve.


Messages, Facebook and Other Ways to Waste Time

All of us have these moments. ALL OF US! So admit it now and try to find the way to avoid it. You start the day full of ideas and energy, you jump start your day with a cup of coffee and you are ready to create some amazing content!

But first, you simply must read the news. Maybe there is another Malaysian plane missing, Putin and Obama turned into best summer vacation buddies and there is a World Peace!

Exhausted from reading the news, you want to unwind with one episode of “The Killing” or “America Got Talent”… well, maybe two episodes…

Another coffee would be great, after which you simply must check your emails first. Another hour passes and you find yourself checking up on Facebook and watching the latest top videos on YouTube.

Then it hits you that you just wasted several hours messing around and it’s already noon and your creativity has gone on holiday.

What happened?! It all started so well! What did you do wrong? You didn't organize your day, that’s what happened. You need to plan your day and do not forget to add the coffee breaks, “The Killing” episodes and facebook news feeds, but after you have done some work on your site.

You will be pleasantly surprised how planning each and every hour of your day can give you a major push into the right direction. You have a job to do and you are your own boss, so do not ruin your business by being a lazy worker.

So here are your biggest mistakes an affiliate marketer can do and this is just a fraction of things that can go wrong. There are many other technical issues and bad habits to avoid, but that’s content for another article!


Analyze your mistakes and habits and find ways to crack them down. Only motivation and hard work, and not billion of news feeds from your thousands of so-called friends on facebook, will bring you cash.

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