Worthless Content Marketing Strategies

content marketing mistakes

When you think Content Marketing, you picture a very strict and organized activity. After all, how hard can it possibly get? You have to write something eye-catching and then spread it around the social media without looking like a crazy person who spams every group on Facebook. Right?


Wrong. There are lots of things that can go wrong and today I want to go over some of the most common content marketing efforts that you should actually avoid doing, especially if you are forex affiliate.

Below is the ultimate most worthless marketing strategies ever created!

Writing only sales articles

Boring, boring, boring. Content can suggest a sale, but not be just about it. Your articles have to enlighten and educate, which means they must be deeper and much more entertaining than just “hey, this broker offers the most amazing bonus you cannot miss out”.

On the other hand, you do write content to convert a potential reader into a prosperous trader.  Although the end result of the content is technically a sale, your real agenda is to enrich and enhance your readers’ knowledge. Sometimes, it is not all about the money.

Lacking structure and agenda

Setting agenda, deadlines and overall daily tasks is a must for any affiliate.  Same goes to your content marketing. Without a pre-set agenda of your marketing, you won’t be able to analyze the results. Having a proper structure helps you to not only meet it but also see what can be improved in the future.

For example, if you compose daily marketing analysis, see if adding chart screenshots help bringing more readers to your site. With a forex broker review, try different approaches and see what is more valuable to your readers.

Forgetting the emotional side of writing

I believe that in order to engage readers, you really have to talk to them almost as if you are face to face. You need to write on a level that is understandable to most and seek an emotional response from people interested in your website.

I didn’t come here to lecture you on what is right and what is wrong, but rather brainstorm together with respect to each other’s set of mind, experience and status.

Obsessing over the social media performance

I am not saying that traffic analysis and other means of analytical tools are bad, however the amount of Facebook likes, for example, is not an important metric to focus on. Think about it! Many people click like without even visiting the link you have posted. How does this “like” really help you to convert? Do not ignore the like, but also do not obsess about it because in most cases those who actually follow the link you have posted do not go back and click “like” afterwards. Those readers either get interested in your website and stick with it, or move on to the next Facebook feed.

You may say that having a lot of likes is a big advantage since you show in the feeds much more often. True, however, once again, those “likes” do not reflect the amount of people that actually read your precious article.

Seeking blog comments

It is very exciting to get a comment on your blog post. It is a great feeling of satisfaction and achievement, especially if that comment turns into an actual conversation.

On the other hand, you quickly realize that the amount of feedback comments do not show anything about the actual amount of visits or leads you managed to convert with it. While it is a lot of fun to hear people response to your post, blog comments are not an accurate metrics of the blog performance.

Tips to make the content marketing work

Starting from today, get down to business and get your priorities sorted out. Instead of hovering over the misleading metrics, it is time to set the agenda and a structure of your marketing strategy. Content marketing is by far one of the most complicated topics. Invest your time in improving your strategies and analyzing only the important data, and most importantly, don’t stop writing!



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