4 Reasons You Are Not Making Money with Affiliate Programs

Despite the hard work, honest dedication and outstanding quality content of the website, some affiliates still not making any money even after 1-year mark. One of the reasons may be in the forex affiliate programs they choose to partner with.

Forex Partner Programs – Learn, Profit and Succeed

We are a team of experienced forex affiliates with more than 5 year experience with forex partner programs. Our goal is to provide you with all the necessary tools to get started and succeed in your affiliate business.

Step 1 – Get Educated

ForexAffiliatez.com (or shortly FAZ) provides interesting and useful educational materials, covering topics such as search engine optimization, traffic resources, website conversions, website building, online marketing, partner program reviews and much more.

Take advantage of this free resource and master the basics of affiliate marketing. Uncover the myths and mysteries of successful online marking from real people.

High Rated Forex Affiliate Program Reviews - Choose the Best!

High Rated Forex Affiliate Program Reviews  - Choose the Best!

You might ask why to bother with the reviews all together. Can’t you just join programs without wasting time reading about them? There is no time to read when you have a daily checklist with demanding requirements! You have to write new articles, update the site with latest press release, discuss forex trading on forums, submit links to social bookmarks and update your facebook status! So much to do, so little time, and reading is definitely not on the agenda.

Let me stop you right there, though. Reviews are crucial to your business, because without deeper understanding of each affiliate program you sign with, you won’t be able to maximize your earnings and create returns for your daily efforts.

Communication with Affiliate Managers – Advantage or Waste of Time?

The moment you join forex affiliate program, you get a welcome email of approval with some basic login details from the affiliate manager. Don’t let this first communication discourage you from building a strong dialog relationship with the manager of the program you want to work with.

The first correspondence with the affiliate manager lacks personal touch, not because you are not the most wonderful, special and successful forex affiliate ever existed, but because the first email is usually generated automatically. It’s a template which is used upon each new sign up.

Instead of taking it too personally, ignore the letter all together and even put it in the junk mail, it is a good idea to reach out and get in touch with your affiliate manager, because even if you don’t need assistance or advice right away, you might need it later on. For better or worse, this is the start of your relationship.

When Forex Affiliate Program Misses the Payment

Late payments can be incredibly frustrating; however your feelings get really hurt when the money does not show up at all!  What can possibly be more disappointing than not receiving the honestly earned payments from an affiliate program?! Maybe the fact that the ipad2 cannot replace your laptop, but that's not what this article is about!

Avoid Affiliate Programs Scam

Being forex affiliate is a truly lucrative opportunity to earn substantial amount of money promoting forex brokers and trading services. Unfortunately, not all forex affiliate programs are honest – some manipulate the stats, others make impossible commission conditions and some (the most annoying kind) do not pay at all. How to stay away from getting ripped off? What should affiliate look out for when choosing a forex affiliate program?

Best Commission Option – Hybrid Plan

You have narrowed down forex affiliate programs that suit your needs, but cannot figure out which commission structure to choose. There is a one-time, lucrative, seemingly fast way of earning CPA option. On the other hand, you have long-term, life-time revenue share alternative. Many affiliates reach this cross road with a question – what is better?

New Affiliate Survival Guide

You have decided to step into the challenging word of forex affiliate marketing, only to realize that it is rather competitive. Sure, not as competitive as gambling, however, there is definitely competition between the big sites. How to deal with competition? Do you truly understand the challenge? How to become an expert in forex?

Good Forex Affiliate Manager is….

Just like with most affiliate programs, forex affiliates get a personal affiliate manager. I assume that every affiliate has different expectations from this partnership; however there must be some basic characteristics that define a good manager. What makes a good forex affiliate manager? How do affiliates prefer to be treated? What is considered a healthy relationship between an affiliate and the affiliate manager?

Daily Plan for Forex Affiliate

Being forex affiliate (or any other niche affiliate) you need to set a weekly schedule. Is it important to follow your weekly goals? How hard is it to discipline yourself when working from home? Is it necessary to go by the list, or affiliate business should be a flexible profession?

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