Secret of Success in Forex Marketing

As a beginner in forex affiliate business, you often look for quick solutions, the fast way to become super affiliate, a magical secret of immediately becoming successful. During this search of making-millions-while-sunbathing-in-Bahamas, you bump into all kind of ebooks and self proclaimed super forex affiliates who charge “just $99.9” for their secret to successful marketing. Is there really a secret magical word (or two) that can transform a website into supper commission-making machine? Can you skip the experience with an ebook? Is it possible to sunbathe in Bahamas and make millions?!! 

I will get straight to the point – the only way to become a successful forex affiliate through experience, which of course involves hard work. There are no magical secret solutions, special one-day make over or a fast shortcut to riches.

You cannot become super forex affiliate from reading an expensive ebook, or from asking questions on forum, or even from attending affiliate seminars. Experience comes solely from trial and error, from finding the right way to plan your day, from learning by mistakes and getting back on your feet, from planning ahead and working 24/7 (even while sunbathing in Bahamas!).

Consider a freshly graduated computer programmer. Until he/she starts actually getting programming experience, all the theories, lectures, notes, exams, final projects, textbooks etc. will not make this person into a super programmer! Only after years of practice, learning, and working – experience is gained and you see someone who knows what computer is all about!

Why do so many beginners think that affiliate marketing is any different? You can buy and read thousands of ebooks, attend all affiliate seminars possible and ask tones of questions via forums, however you can only gain the experience by actually doing something, making mistakes, learning from them and becoming successful with time.

Of course, I am not saying that all ebooks and courses are bad, or attending seminars are a waste of time. The problem is that there are tones of all kind of fraud on the net that simply try to get your hundred bucks by flashing fake photoshop edited checks on their shinny sites. If you are looking for easy money and a quick fix for your overdraft in the bank – forex affiliate marketing is not for you. In fact, none of other affiliate business is for you! Better quit now before losing couple of thousands on “quick solutions to affiliate business”.

Any material (free or paid) can be beneficial to your success. The question is how you perceive it and what are your expectations from such materials. Are you searching for ways to create a website? Do you need help understanding the keywords? Are you confused about search engine optimization? Ebooks and seminars can be very helpful if you consider them as a part of equation which need an actual application and practice. You can definitely learn things from internet resources, including forums and blogs, however it is crucial to put everything to practice.

A good affiliate resource should have enough information to create a reference manual. This way it can definitely save some time and help making decisions. An ebook should serve as a jumping off point – a gentle push towards experimenting and discovering what actually works for you.

I personally think that any book that claims to have a secret and charge you for it should be ignored. These so-called gurus are simply playing psychological games on newbie affiliate marketer who is excited about the latest decision of joining the internet business world.

Do you want to hear a real free secret? It is actually a simple suggestion of getting your feet wet and staying consistent with whatever you have chosen to promote. Don’t give up easily and jump from one thing to another. If you decided to give forex trading a try, stick to it, even if you don’t see results right away.

Don’t be as green as grass! Most successful forex marketers failed before they succeed because they tried, made mistakes and learned from them. Reading ebooks, blogs, forums and articles are awesome; however we all need to get a little burned before you can appreciate the actual warmth of the fire!


I am considered successful and my secrets and tips are offered for free on the pages of this site. Forex marketing is not rocket science. It requires hard for and consistency to fulfill the daily goals. The trick is to know and fully understand why and what are you doing.

Internet is full of free resources from which you can learn instead of spending money on rather expensive materials.  Most ebooks (free or paid) do not mention to real secret to success, which is CONSISTENCE, COMMITMENT and PERSISTENCE.

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