Google drops the alphabet bomb

google alphabetGoogle came forward with its new challenge and a major change of becoming a new holding company named Alphabet. This is a true up-side-down moment for Google structure and future.

Panda 4.2 refresh slowly takes over the search queries

panda 4.2 updateIt has been almost a whole year since we have heard the words “Panda” and “Refresh” mentioned in one sentence. After 10 months of no-show, Google is rolling out the latest Panda refresh and warns the webmasters that the updates will be implemented slowly.

What are top SEO strategies in 2016?

seo tips for 2015To this day search engine optimization is a controversial topic for many online affiliates and website owners. On one hand there are rules to follow set by google team of intelligent minds, on the other hand there still are plenty of scammy, banner-farm websites all over the first pages in search results. Confusing isn’t it?

Penguin 3.0 Update and Other Google October Perks

penguin 3.0 google updateI don’t know about you, but my October 2014 was filled with worries and rank fluctuation. All thanks to long-awaited royal entrance of Google’s new twitch called Penguin 3.0.

Unfortunately, to many SEO experts horror, Penguin 3.0 Update grand appearance has not been the only big thing last month that caused turmoil all over the internet.

Google Rolls Out Panda 4.0 and Payday Loan 2.0 Updates

panda 4.0 updateAfter relatively extended silence before the storm, Google hits with two new algorithm updates in one week, including Panda 4.0 and Payday Loan 2.0.

Google Top Heavy Algorithm Refresh Impact

google top heavy refreshWhat’s new with Google this week? Apparently there was a refresh of the Page Layout Algorithm or in other words “Top Heavy”. Based on what we know since the first Top Heavy update in 2012, this filter lowers the ranking of pages with way too many advertising above the fold (aka top part of the website you see without the need to scroll down).

SEO Updates January 2014

latest seo updates 2014Since Google has officially ended its updates announcements, affiliates and SEO gurus are only left to wonder and speculate when, why and how the new updates hit our sites.  Here we are in the mid February with some unwanted fluctuations, yet another set of rather “thin” tips and advice from Google team and overall ranking roller-coaster.

Twitter VS Facebook: Compare Ad Performance of Largest Social Media Giants

facebook vs twitterForex affiliates who use social media as one of the prime sources of quality traffic all know what the social giants such as Facebook and Twitter have much deeper meanings then just the amount of followers and likes count.

Both networks possess undeniable advantages and disadvantages and both of them are the main attributes to your success in today’s affiliate marketing.

Google Webspam Matt Cutt Explains Duplicate Content

duplicate content in google 2013Google never truly reveals its secretive policies and Duplicate Content Penalty is still one of the most mysterious and unanswered topics in internet industry. For years, webmasters have been facing the issues of stolen content and the need of unique, quality content to their websites.

Quick Solution for Penalty Recovery with the Enhanced Google Disavow Tool

remove unwanted links with google tool

You have been running a successful forex website until now. Your pages are not showing in the search results compared to many of your competition. You are a hard working webmaster with years of experience under your belt. You do everything by the book and follow google webmaster guidelines and still, even with the freshest content you can possibly get, you are nowhere near the first page.

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