Panda 4.2 refresh slowly takes over the search queries

panda 4.2 updateIt has been almost a whole year since we have heard the words “Panda” and “Refresh” mentioned in one sentence. After 10 months of no-show, Google is rolling out the latest Panda refresh and warns the webmasters that the updates will be implemented slowly.


This type of slow refresh typically means that some pages of your website may experience Panda 4.2 impact faster than other pages. While Panda is calmly takes control over the internet once again, some of your pages might have to wait a while until clear charges can be seen.

It may take up to a month before you see any noteworthy fluctuations in rankings. The company didn’t explain the reason behind just slow rollout. Some webmasters speculate and look for new conspiracy theories behind Google’s decision to slow things down. One of these theories is that in the past Google expressed an interest to make updates on daily basis. Considering the current situation, however, Google is still far from having daily updates a reality.

According to Google gurus, the latest Panda update will hit up to 3% of all English language search queries. Compared to some of the previous updates, this is quite significant, however not as significant as the first introduction of Panda back in 2011 where almost 12% of English queries got nailed down.

For all affiliates and webmasters who suffered serious penalties and have been franticly fixing and tweaking their websites, Panda 4.2 update is great news. Most likely, after all the exhausting work, the punishment will finally get lifted. If your site was heavily penalized back in September 2014, this is a great chance to recover. Check out your stats to see significant improvement or, Google forbid, decline of traffic due to the refresh.

No matter to which group your site falls in, once the update is on the rollout, there is nothing much you can fix or do to make any kind of changes. Your search engine ranking will take a hit one way or another.

The new update means two things – new chance for some of us and fresh penalty for the others. While the update is on the roll, most SEO experts are rather puzzled. Throughout the history of google update attacks, the secrecy over what will happen and when grew stronger each year. Should Google honesty now be taken lightly or put you into distress?

Also, since the last Panda tweak 10 months ago, Google was by no means idle. There were two super-duper updates only this year – the overall hysterical Mobilegeddon and “Quality Update” (referred by some as “Phantom Update”). The first of the above reversed around mobile-optimized sites, while the second searched for “quality content”.

So when did Panda 4.2 started anyway? The first implementation of the refresh was on 18th of July 2015 and is expected to take its final changes over several months. If you notice your traffic dropping in the next couple of months, it is safe to assume that Panda 4.2 is punishing your site. This is a good marker to focus on the issues, create quality content and wait for the next update.

What is quality content in 2015? As far as I see, Google still punishes content mills, keyword stuffing, broken sites, black-hat practices. In that light, your main agenda should be well-written, original content rather than over-designed website.

The bottom line is that experts and newbies alike do not have exact details on what these updates focus on, which factors get rewarded and which get pushed. Meanwhile, in my opinion, stick to things that people will enjoy reading and find useful and let Google work in its mysterious ways.

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