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Stop Distracting Potential Clients!

distractionForex affiliate web design isn’t for weak-minded where even a tiny mistake can turn into a smashing-it-all-to-small-pieces effect.

The worst part of it that most affiliate beginners and even some of the very experienced web designers might not even know that fatal mistakes have been made and they ruin everything.


Let’s look at couple of mistakes I have bumped into a lot recently and try to make some sense out of it.


Brand Building

You are in the rush to make your first commissions and one of the steps a lot of beginners jump over is building the brand name. A lot of forex reviews websites do not mention who they are and what exactly they do.

Now put yourself in the shoes of a visitor. Will you trust a site that has collection of links and reviews and no statement of who is running the site, what are the goals and statements? It is always comforting to see how long have the site been operating and what it promises to its visitors.


Social Sharing Chaos

Social share buttons are everywhere these days and seem to be essential to every article we read today. On the other hand, you don’t want to distract your visitors with too much information, because then instead of reading your article, the user will rather click like on facebook, then see his friends new photo album and, boom, you lost him.

The last thing you want is auto-generated social postings with promotional links and distractive content which, instead of helping, draws your users away from your site.


Good Web Design – Less Distractions

Overall, web design is crucial in forex affiliate marketing and creating unresponsive, too busy, hard to navigate pages will eventually cost you money and visitors that loose interest and move on.


I suggest asking someone who is not involved in your affiliate business at all to go over your website and make productive criticism which then can be used to fix the issues on the site and hopefully turn in into gold mine.

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