YTFX Affiliate program represents regulated and licensed broker YouTraderFx and offers great earning possibilities.


There are several revenue schemes to choose from:

CPA (Cost Per Active Account) up to $250

You get one off payment for each and every active trader you refer to YTFX broker. When the referred trader reaches the necessary trading volume, you receive up to $250.

Revenue Share up to $7 per standard lot

For every registered lead, no matter what deposit is made for opening an account; you receive up to $7 per each standard lot traded.

Hybrid $100 CPA and up to $5 per standard lot

Combination of the reward-schemes, in which you earn a flat fee for each trader you refer plus an ongoing fee depending on the trader’s trading value.


The available payment methods for withdrawal of monthly commissions include Wire Transfer and Paypal.

The minimum withdrawal amount is $250. If you do not reach the required amount, the commissions are rolled over to the next month. Payments are made by 15th of each month.


Manage your account online with advanced, comprehensive statistical features. Reports show impressions, visitors, leads, live users, demo users, first time deposits and earned commissions.

Marketing Materials

Professional banners of handful amount of different sizes are available at your affiliate account. The marketing materials are available in English, Romanian, Japanese, Portuguese, German, Russian, French, Dutch, Spanish, Vietnamese, Italian and Arabic.

Why to Join YTFX Affiliate Program?

24-hour support by expert multilingual support staff

Personalized account management

Extensive back-office services

Total access to analytical trading tools

Tailor-made commissions structures

Accurate, easy and reliable reporting

Administrative support including: account registration, documentation, funds transfers, customer services

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YTFXAffiliates Details

Name: YTFXAffiliates

Established: 2011

Revenue Share: $7 per standard lot

CPA: up to $250

Hybrid: yes

Min Payout: $100

Payment Methods: Paypal, Wire Transfer

Real-time Stats: yes

Program Brands: YouTraderFX


Support: email, phone

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